Welcome to 2017 – Couple of Project updates

YouTube journey continues: MST.TV hits 15,000+ subscribers, by the end of 2016 with over 200 videos.
Tombox Creations continues to freelance, artwork, logos and animations to YouTube channels.
I also took on the role of Twitch Stream Manager for to learn the growth, social media, and working aspects.
Duel Tools Pro reaches 50k-100k Download range on ANDROID.

Day Job Latest release:
NOV 2016 – Microsoft Solitiare Collection for iOS and Android!
My role UI Artist (interim UI Lead)

Updated DTP to 2.0
Produced 6 different playmat artwork (found in the art section)
Rebranded video assets for MST.TV in 2016,
Portfolio – Walking Dead Road to Survival Icons and Infographic
Portfolio – Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS and Android

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