Pro Duel Tools being updated to 2.0

Pro Duel Tools is getting a make over in design. A lot of these changes are based on the feedback I received in email and reviews. Upon researching the behavior of players, we believe it is time to simplify the over all design and create more effective actions.

Goal of 2.0:
Conserve battery life:
Any sort of animation running will be direct and simple.

Remove redundancy:
Based on our analysis, we have discovered patterns on common objectives user are always using. Within their progress, we believe we can make it more efficient for users to get to their end goals. The design will target that.

New feature Timer:
For players that want to practice to play within time, this feature will help keep track of that.

Skin Templating:
Long awaited feature will begin to see its debut.

That’s all for now. Preview screenshot will come soon, as well as a video promoting all the new features from MST.TV Tombox


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