Ghost Ogre + Reaper Sister OA

Ghost Ogre and Reaper Sister Original Artwork 2016 Art by Tombox

Cyber Dragon Infinity OA

Cyber Dragon Infinity for MST Open Series 3 Art by Tombox

TeamAPS Artwork

TeamAPS from YouTube contacted me to redesign a new logo and brand for their YouTube Channel. As a part of his [...]

Majespecters Artwork

Prize Mat artwork for MST Open Series 2 / Deux. Hosted Nov. 14 2015. Only 12 has been put into production. Each [...]

Emblem Button

These emblem designs were based on Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game archetypes. I designed them as Pin Prizes for MST.TV [...]

Nekroz of Trishula

Nekroz of Trishula, mat originally designed for MOS One, but will now be a collectors item of fans of MST.TV. [...]

Comic Style Art

Another Art Style that was adapted for online comic illustrations. The style was made to imitate the art style of [...]


This is Trishula the Ice Barrier Dragon, an iconic dragon for the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! apparently. Trishula is [...]

Object Exploded View

Simply an exploded view of Sony’s PS2 Controller.

Chroma Revamp

Chroma started out as a Flash Game made during my 4th Year study at SFU. Teamed up with Kelvin Mau, Justin Sy, [...]