PAX Prime 2015, Here I Go!

I acquired PAX Prime tickets! This year the vendor did not distribute 4-day passes and limited each person to 2 per day. I am sure this was an attempt to prevent scalpers from obtaining and reselling tickets at inflated prices.

Hats off to you PAX, this ticket sales event lasted for about 40 minutes before selling out, which is a huge improvement from last year. Where it sold out in record time in under 20 minutes. The 4 day passes sold out in under 3 minutes. As long as you queue up in the first 10 minutes, you are bound to get the Satruday passes, if not all the other days.

There hasn’t been any craigslist scalpers posting their tickets yet either. We may have to check on reddit to see if anyone is crazy enough to post their available tickets. Compared to last year, scalpers were already posting available tickets within 20 minutes of the sale at 400% the original price. This is a bigger success in PAX’s ticket management.

This is going to be great. I’ll see everyone there.


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