Fan Concept Tortoroid



I played a lot of Spiral Knights (by Three Rings). I liked the game so much, I decided to make fan concept enemy based on some of the game’s lore. There was a removed enemy in the game which was a giant turtle fortress. I decided to give him a high difficulty mob monster called a Tortoroid. Torotoroid will be a high-tiered enemy.

The game of Spiral Knights is very similar to the top down Zelda action games. The game play was almost based on the player’s skill. The game required players to understand enemy patterns, assess risk/reward and have quick reflexes on reacting to enemy warning animations. Enemies were designed with a variety of patterns. These patterns were sorted in low-tier, mid-tier, and high tier enemies. Enemies of all tier only unlock their full potential when playing at higher difficulties. To cover all grounds at once, I will talk about the enemies in the higher difficulties only.

Low-Tier Enemies often act as an obstacles where they would perish quite easily. The AI usually only have a very simple basic attack or long charging heavy attack that is usually pretty easy to dodge. Often appear in crowds, but are also relatively weak. However, if one gets surrounded by a crowd, this could also mean a game over for yourself as the long charging heavy attack and the basic attack will be mixed in and the timing will be very difficult to predict.

Mid-Tier Enemies often act as obstacles and sometimes objective targets. These enemies are stronger than the low-tier enemies by having more hit points and slightly more difficult patterns to read. The short animation timing of these enemies often make them harder to handle. The charge attack is shorter and just as powerful and may cast status ailments. Also, these enemies are only slightly slower than the player, thus making running away a much harder task.

High Tier Enemies often act as objective targets and sometimes show up with a crowd of low-tier enemies. They are mostly invulnerable except for one or 2 weak spots. These weak spots often will require the player to get upfront or dodge an attack to reach that spot. These enemies are not very quick, but will have dashing attacks that may cover a lot of ground and deal damage within a linear path. For players that are close, they can also launch a surrounding attack to strike multiple players at once. Reading these enemies will be very difficult as they have short animated cues and they look very similar to one another.