Kozmo Lightside Artwork

Yu-Gi-Oh! Kozmo Archetype – Original Artwork 2016, licensed to Realist Playmat


This digital resume will highlight some of my skills. To simply start, this entire website was built on using [...]

Logo Design

Logo Designs for different people and applications.

Chroma Mobile UI

Click on here or on the image above to open the PDF of Chroma’s Mobile Documentation.

Battle Hacker: Screenshots

During my time at IUGO I worked on a couple titles including Battle Hackers. These are some of works that are [...]

ROTI: Screenshots

I worked on Rage of the Immortals. Most of my work involve with designing banners from setting the typography, [...]

Game BG

Various backgrounds, I worked on for mobile development. The game’s art style were very cartoon-like.

Game Jam: Torne

This was a game jam project. These were background assets for a beat’em up game. Project name: The Torne Identity.

Fan Concept Tortoroid

I played a lot of Spiral Knights (by Three Rings). I liked the game so much, I decided to make fan concept enemy [...]

Roy Junkson

Roy Junkson was a character I created for my brother. He was designed for his school project app as a game [...]


Armored Knight This knight concept was inspired by Final Fantasy XII’s judge armors. These were its early [...]

3D works 2008

Back in school, I turned 3D Modeling into a hobby, but eventually it turned into a tool for quickly making things [...]

Army Insignia Vol 1.

I liked to design a lot of random stuff for some of my personal work. There was a time when I wanted to design [...]

Icon Graphic Design

Assorted graphics designed for a very cartoony style.